Jesse Medrano


Jesse Medrano

I am a developer of software and things

Based out of the Greater Los Angeles Area with a for front and backend solutions.

engineer drawing robot head


Messaging Application - Main features include Chat/Audio/Video Communication.
Richard Arnold For Oregon
Political campaign for a position on a school board. React, Google Firebase, and Stripe included
New Evolution Digital
Corporate Landing Page for New Evolution Digital, a Software Development Freelance Partnership.

About Me

Born and raised in Southern California, I have been developing for the web since 2019. Straight out of highschool, I started a career in sales. I have over five years of sales and customer service interaction experience, and two of those five years in a management role.

My passion for Software Development began in this period where I wanted to automate the sales process. Most of the tools I found we either hard to use or required a monthly subscription. Instead, I decided to make tools that would help me reach my goal of automating the sales process for myself.

Now, I am a software developer and some of my favorite projects have be Software as a Service (SaaS) type of applications from Messaging Applications to Customer Relationship Management System (still working this).

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